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To safeguard the fiscal stability of Puerto Rico and promote its competitiveness in order to transform our economy into one of the most developed economies in the world, hence, fostering the social and economic enhancement of our people.
August 18, 2015 - Statement from the President of the Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico on the Lawsuit filed by House Representative Jenniffer González
August 14, 2015 - Puerto Rico Treasury Revenues Totaled $626.5 Million in July 2015, Up $21.1 Million compared to Estimates and $2.3 Million Compared to July 2014
August 11, 2015 - Statement from GDB on Announcement of Upcoming Offering by PRASA

August 3, 2015 - Statement from GDB President Melba Acosta Febo on the Service of Public Finance Corporation Bonds


July 30, 2015 - Economic Activity Index for the month of June 2015

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Puerto Rico - A Way Forward

Puerto Rico - A Way ForwardOn July 13, 2015 the Working Group for the Economic Recovery of Puerto Rico hosted a meeting with Puerto Rico's creditors to address the Island's fiscal condition and long-term economic growth. At the meeting, Dr. Anne O. Krueger, Dr. Andrew Wolfe and Melba Acosta Febo briefed members of the investment community on Dr. Krueger and Dr. Wolfe's recently published report on Puerto Rico's fiscal condition.

If you wish to view the video-stream replay, CLICK HERE. To access the slides and audio replay, CLICK HERE (Passcode: PuertoRico).

Other Presentation Materials for the Meeting:


José M. Berrocal Institute for Economics and Finance

José M. Berrocal Institute for Economics and FinanceThe José M. Berrocal Institute for Economics and Finance is a GDB subsidiary created to complement the Bank's mission of promoting economic development by providing specialized training on the theory and practice of public finances and economics to talented young professionals in order to attract them to join the public service. An eight-week Summer Internship Program is the Berrocal Institute’s main initiative towards this goal. To find out more about the Berrocal Institute, visit the Institute’s webpage.

This presentation features the Berrocal Institute’s historic background and mission, as well as the objectives, structure, requirements and calendar of its Summer Internship Program. CLICK HERE to see an informative brochure summarizing several aspects of the Internship Program.


The Municipal Finance Corporation, known by its Spanish acronym COFIM, is a newly created public corporation and instrumentality of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, attached to the Government Development Bank. COFIM is authorized to issue bonds and use other financing mechanisms to pay or refinance, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, the debts of the municipalities of the Commonwealth payable or backed by the 1% municipal sales and use tax.

COFIM was created pursuant to Act 19 of January 24, 2014, which contemplates a new collection method for the 1% municipal SUT that will become effective on September 1, 2014. COFIM will be responsible for running the development of an integrated collection structure that will guarantee funds are received and provide detailed information about such funds. As part of this effort, a group of municipalities will form part of a pilot program for filing new municipal SUT returns and paying the municipal SUT.

Read a Fact Sheet about COFIM and the new collection structure.

For more information on the Municipal Finance Corporation as an entity attached to the GDB, visit the COFIM webpage in the GDB website.

Merchants, you may file the Municipal SUT return and make payments through COFIM's new website at www.cofim.pr.gov.

Press Release: COFIM Extends Due Date to File and Pay the Municipal SUT for 32 Municipalities Integrated to COFIM's New Collection Structure (in Spanish)

Important notice about COFIM


Puerto Rico, La Isla Estrella The All-Star Island

Throughout history, the outstanding performance of the men and women of our Island has been fundamental to our development. The talent of the people of Puerto Rico has been strategic in the Islandís development and prosperity. Our starsí achievements may be seen in all the disciplines, beyond our borders, earning us recognition around the world. By giving the best of him or herself, each Puerto Rican has the potential to stand out. That is what makes us the All-Star Island. Our world-class talent is our most valuable possession and it is key in our mission to create jobs and wealth, attract and develop businesses, and boost tourism.

For more information about investing and doing business in Puerto Rico, visit Business in Puerto Rico.

View a slide presentation prepared by the Department of Economic Development and Commerce: Economic Roadmap.

Mortgage Loan Insurance Program (Act 87)
Mi Casa Propia
In order to incentivize the refinancing of properties, Governor Alejandro GarcŪa Padilla signed Law 129 of August 3, 2014, establishing incentives for the payment of internal revenue stamps and registration vouchers required when obtaining a mortgage loan.

Act 129 allows that deeds of mortgage for refinancing of properties under the Mortgage Loan Insurance Program be exempted, through the Ahorro Hipotecario product, from payment and cancellation of internal revenue stamps and vouchers required by law in the execution of public documents. In addition, for deeds of cancellation of preferred mortgages, a 50% exemption from payment of internal revenue stamps and vouchers is granted. For more information about the Ahorro Hipotecario product, contact your preferred mortgage bank or credit union.

PRHFA - 2011-2018 Strategic Plan (in Spanish)

2013 Low Income Housing Tax Credit Allocation Plan (Final)

           - Annexes A to N

           - Annexes O to P

Puerto Rico Housing Financing Authority Housing Rental under Section 8 Program: (in Spanish)

-Notice to Landlords


Third Amendment to Regulations on Insured Mortgage Reserve (in Spanish)

HOME Program (HUD)

Direct Buyer Assistance (HOME Program) (in Spanish)

List of Repossed Properties

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